Veterinary medicine; all you need to know to become a vet

The job of a veterinarian involves minding the wellbeing and health of animals. A qualified veterinarian is typically an individual who has received training in animal behavior, animal surgery, and animal medicine. Veterinarians can specialize in either large animals such as horses and cows or small animals such as household pets.

Types of veterinarians

Just as there are different kinds of medical doctors, there are also different types of veterinarians.

  • Equine veterinarian – the work of an equine veterinarian is diagnosing and treating horses.
  • Research veterinarian – research veterinarians mostly deal with conducting animal health research. This could include testing new techniques of animal surgery or testing animals in order to determine the effectiveness of certain drugs. These veterinarians also conduct research on ways of preventing, controlling and eliminating diseases and ailments in animals.
  • Pet veterinarian – as the name suggests pet veterinarians mainly care for and treat companion animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and birds. Pet veterinarians mostly work in hospitals and private clinics. Their duties include not only diagnosing and treating pets but also consulting with the pet owners regarding preventive medicine. They may also carry out surgery on pets, vaccinate the pets and so on.
  • Livestock veterinarians – the work of a livestock veterinarian is restricted to domesticated farm animals such as cattle, sheep, and pigs. They treat farm animal diseases, injuries and also conduct vaccination campaigns. They may also offer counsel to the farmers regarding housing and feeding of the animals as well as preventive health care.

Educational Requirements

Before joining a veterinary school for a doctorate in veterinary medicine, one must have completed four years of undergraduate studies. Typically the courses one would undertake at the undergraduate level if interested in joining a veterinary program are science-related ones. These include chemistry, zoology, animal science, biochemistry, and molecular biology.

The areas of study covered in a doctorate of veterinary medicine program include diagnostic imaging, clinical pathology, large animal medicine, small animal medicine, animal behavior, anesthesia, and principles of surgery and veterinary pharmacology.

A doctorate in veterinary medicine usually takes about four years to complete. It is normally divided into two parts – two years of classroom lectures and another two years of clinical practicums. The practicums endow the students with first-hand clinical experience in various specialties including oncology, dentistry, equine care, cardiology among many others. Important veterinary skills such as prescribing medication, treating wounds, setting fractures and performing surgery are also imparted to the students during their practicums.

Licensing and certification

Upon receiving their doctorate in veterinary medicine, the next step for an aspiring veterinarian is to get licensed. One major prerequisite to getting a license is taking and passing the NAVLE (North American Veterinary Licensing Exam). The NAVLE is an intensive exam that lasts seven and a half hours. It comprises a total of 360 questions. It is an assessment of the knowledge a candidate possesses as pertains to animal species and veterinary activities.

Besides the NAVLE, some states may impose extra hurdles before a license can be issued. These include requiring candidates to sit and pass additional exams in clinical skills and veterinary law.

Moving in into new homes; things that one should look out for

Many times we move into a house confident that we have moved into the best house. When choosing a house to live in there are the common main things that we look for which include adequate room, proper aeration, good lighting, good physical condition of the walls floor and ceiling, a good quiet environment, and of course good prices.

Many times people however forget to consider some small things that might come back to haunt the dwellers once they move into the house. One of the many things that people forget to carefully scrutinize before moving into a house is the condition of the electric wiring. Many times we assume that the electric wiring is good. To avoid later problems it is however good to check that every outlet is in good shape and that there are no loose or naked wires that might pose a risk.

Another thing that one should consider as related to electric connectivity is the lighting. One needs to ensure that the bulbs fixed for lighting are working. It might be frustrating to come home late after purchasing your house only to realize that your bedroom or your kitchen lights are not working. Instead of having to go out in odd hours in search of a light bulb one should first check the bulbs before moving in. After moving in, one should also have extra bulbs just in case one fails.

Many times people moving into new homes are not very keen to inquire and find out minor issues such as the houses condition in different seasons. There are some houses that can become very humid at certain times of the season. At the time of purchasing the house you might have a splendid house but after some time you might realize mold growing on your things.

Many people who after moving into their new houses realize that their houses are humid, the best option is to get a whole house dehumidifier. A whole house dehumidifier is a very effective electric appliance that will suck out all the humidity in the air within the house. Humidity is a dangerous condition especially for people who are prone to respiratory allergies. For such people finding out that their new house is humid might necessitate them to again move to another home. With a whole house dehumidifier, this is not necessary.

Dehumidifiers can be found in different varieties depending on how big your house is. There are small dehumidifiers ideal for small enclosures including dehumidifiers suitable for small shipping container homes. Different dehumidifiers also vary in terms of their quality, durability, and the manufacturing company.

Another thing that people should consider when moving into new homes is the safety of the homes. A major modern time concern for many people is the existence of asbestos in the home. Asbestos is a building material that has been known to be very dangerous due to its attributes of causing health issues including cancer. As such, one should ensure that they check their new houses for the existence of asbestos elements.

Factors that need to be heightened to ensure that one has the perfect home

Since the home is such an important necessity for the human being, it is important to make sure that the home is a place that is as suitable as possible for habitation. The home is not only a place where we seek shelter from adverse weather conditions but it is also a place where we seek psychological refuge.

One of the most important aspects of any good home is the fact that it should provide one with a sense of security and safety. One should also be able to fully relax at home without any worry of external pressures. At home we are able to recuperate from daily hustles of life and we are able to rest our bodies and mind.

Homes differ for different people but it is not the size or the amenities in the house that make a home a home. An individual might be living in a small squeezed apartment where he has to use a futon which doubles as a couch and a bed. However, this individual may treasure this home as a better haven as compared to someone living in an enormous mansion with ten bedrooms and all kinds of luxurious.

 There are some basic things that one should ensure that their homes have. For starters, it is important that any home has the basic amenities which include running water, lighting, toilet facilities, heated water, proper lighting, ventilation and air conditioning. These are very important for one’s comfort and conveniences in the home.

There are some homes that are very humid. Humidity in a house is often a negative thing due to the dank unpleasant feeling that the house usually has. A humid house will also encourage the growth of mold and mildew on different items including clothes and other belongings. Humidity is also detrimental to health as it is known to lead to types of respiratory complications. If one happens to be living in a humid house, one can invest in a whole house dehumidifier which will help manage the humidity.

In focusing on the safety levels of the house, one should also look at the safety hazards that might be present in the house. For example exposed electric wires can be quite dangerous especially if there is a chance that they can come in contact with water. Another health hazard is slippery floors. This can be very dangerous for all kinds of people but they are especially dangerous for small children and the elderly.

Another great hazard that one should be very careful about is the presence of asbestos. Asbestos is a product that was used as building material before it was banned due to its numerous health hazards. Asbestos is known to cause several health issues including cancer. Despite the ban on houses being built using asbestos, home owners are encouraged to through checks on their houses to ensure that they are asbestos free before moving in.

Individuals can perform DIY asbestos inspections using a simple asbestos checking kit.

Looking at the benefits of self-employment to remain motivated

It is exciting to be self employed more specifically while working from home. There are hundreds of offers on the internet that provide excellent opportunities for those who wish to work at their own pace.  The biggest advantage of working from home is that one becomes their own boss and they can determine the amount of income they get from the work that they do. The harder and smarter they work, the more income they get.

Being self employed creates fulfillment in one’s life. This is especially if one is engaged in an income generating hobby. Some of the hobbies pay fortunes and many people have created careers by doing what they love most. Examples of such home income earning opportunities include photography, programming and creating internet content.

However, Success in self employment is never achieved over night. It takes a lot of dedication, commitment and hard work to implement a business idea and to get it off the ground. Sometimes it can be disheartening to start a business that collapses before it gets off the ground. It takes a lot of patience and determination to stick with such a business until it picks up.

So, how do you stay motivated so you can build a successful online business?

The first most important thing to do is to think of the future. An entrepreneur should have a vision that is beyond the present situation. In this regard, they should create short term and long term goals for themselves and their businesses. Having clearly set goals will enable one to remain motivated to achieve them.

Another huge motivating factor is evaluating the reason why one started the venture. There are several reasons why an individual can opt for self-employment. This may include the need to have more time to spend with family or the need to have financial freedom and security.

Most of the individuals who seek self employment are driven by the desire to attain some level of financial freedom. Being financially stable will enable one to secure children’s future, buy a house, and even have better vacations.

Spending more time with the family is also a great motivating factor to start a work from home business. Most of the businesses require dedication of a lot of time before the ventures kick off. But once they are up, they require less time and effort to manage. Therefore, an individual can then spend less time on the business and more time with the family.

Finally, people should realize that every small effort they invest in their home business is not a waste of time but it will count in future. For instance, when working on an online business, writing articles and submitting them, one is creating back links to their website that may not seem to be beneficial right away.

However, the more links an individual creates, the more future traffic they create for their website.  This will eventually lead to increased sales and therefore more success.

The sun is rising for self employment. The world is increasingly rewarding self-employment. Internet has afforded the opportunity to earn more income while working smart from homes.

Getting a travel guitar to accompany me during my vacation

I love playing the guitar. I am actually very good at it. I also love travelling. During my vacation, I am almost always travelling to a far off country. I love seeing the top tourist attractions in the world. I love seeing strange wild animals and observing their behavior out in the wild. I love to see people of different cultures and how they live. I love to see awesome natural features, and I love sampling the exotic cuisines around the world.

I decided to combine my love of playing the guitar with my love for travelling. This decision came after my last trip to South Africa during my last vacation. On the trip, we had gone for a safari around the Kruger National Park in a group of seven. Four British ladies, an Irish gentlemen myself and another American guy.

During the trip we had had an awesome time. Apart from the remarkable wildlife that we were able to view and the brilliant weather, we were also greatly entertained by Mc Andrew the Irish guy. He was one enthusiastic fellow who had many humorous stories that he joyously told us with occasional addictive hearty laughs. Apart from the many stories and jokes, he also had another surprise. He had a little banjo that he packed in his bag. He was quite good at playing the instrument and he would often entertain us as we drove across the flat sunny savannah or when we were camped at night under the clear starry skies of the African night.

The attention that Mc Andrews had attracted from folks wherever we went due to his banjo playing skills made me greatly envious. This was particularly due to the fact that I knew I was equally or better than him albeit with a guitar.

This is what drove me to decide that I would combine my travels with my guitar playing.

However, I did not have a suitable guitar to travel with. I had my bulky Seagull s6 that simply could not do as a travel guitar. I had to find a guitar that was small light and easily playable. It also needed to be a hardy guitar that would withstand rough treatment that would be inevitable during travels.

During my searches on the internet. I was impressed when I came across a Taylor GS mini review. The Taylor GS, as I read from the review was a small compact guitar that is specially designed for travel. It is small light and easily playable. Despite its small size, the Taylor GS mini does not lose anything in terms of the sound volume and sound quality. Most importantly I was impressed when I saw that despite these outstanding features that were ideal for me, the advertised Taylor GS mini was still quite affordable.

I decided that I would buy thee small guitar. I want to buy it early so that I can also have some time to get better acquainted with it. When I visit Paris during my next vacation, I plan to impress.

Getting a travel guitar to accompany me during my vacation Credit Picture License: Busker, Maartensbrug, Utrecht, Netherlands – 3355 via photopin cc

Combining my love for travel and my love for playing the guitar

I love travelling. My vacations are always spent on travels across the globe. I have travelled to all the continents in the world and have been to some of the top tourist countries in the world. I however still have many places that I have not yet visited. I haven’t been to East Africa, New Zealand, Brazil, Egypt, Dubai, Ireland, and many other outstanding places. The next vacation I have, I plan to visit France and especially the romantic city of Paris.

Apart from travelling and visiting new places, I also love music. I am a good singer but I am a better guitarist. I have played the guitar ever since I was a little boy. Due to the many years of experience and the passion of learning more and more, I have become exceptionally good. I believe that if I did not have such a good satisfying job, then I would have become a guitarist in a top band, or maybe I would have become a top solo musician.

During my last vacation, I travelled to South Africa. During the safari that we had in the southern tip country of Africa, we had a lot of free time as we camped on the open savannahs. Our tour group comprised of four ladies from Britain and two other guys, one an Irish guy and the other a fellow American.

The Irish guy had been quite a sport. He was a jovial guy who kept us entertained with many hilarious stories. The icing on the cake was however his banjo. He was travelling with a little banjo and he entertained us a big deal with his prowess at playing the little instrument. The banjo was a great accompaniment as we sang numerous songs by the campfire on the wild plains of the African savannah.

That Irish guy gave me an idea. I could also carry my guitar! I confess that I was immensely jealous of the attention and adoration that that guy got from all the people wherever we went and he would strike up a tune on his banjo.

I am now seriously looking for the best travel guitar in the market. I need to buy a small guitar that is ideal for travelling with on vacation. I am sure that I can enjoy my vacation much more if I can have a guitar to play. I believe I would also entertain many people around me.

My current guitar is a seagull s6, I bought it after reading a seagull s6 review online. It is however a bit bulky to be used as a travel guitar. I plan to still use the internet to search for a guitar that would be ideal for me to travel with. I need a guitar that is not so big and one that is a bit hardy and will not easily get damaged by the rough conditions that are common during travel. I also need a guitar that can come with good packaging i.e. a good bag that I can use to carry the guitar around in.

Combining my love for travel and my love for playing the guitar Credit Picture License: Spanish Guitar. via photopin cc

Rising to the challenge and becoming a top female guitarist

I fell in love with the guitar at a very young age. Maybe it was due to the influence of my big brother or maybe it was the influence of my love for cowboy ballads that amplified the romanticism of the guitar. My brother was a music student in college and he was quite adept at playing numerous musical instruments. The pipe organ was his best musical instrument and he had won many competitions playing it. I however loved him playing the guitar.

My brother played the guitar on Sundays when we went to church. And he was quite good at it. I on the other hand had discovered my singing talent quite early and was singing in church. Many times my brother would accompany my singing with his guitar. I enjoyed the singing much more when I was accompanied by my brothers guitar. However I had a notion that the guitar was an instrument for men.

When I grew a bit older and I came to know about great female musicians who were also guitarists, my conceptions changed. I started viewing the guitar differently and decided that I would learn playing it.

My brother was taken aback when I suddenly asked him to teach me playing the guitar. He had always assumed that I was not interested in playing the guitar. He was eager to teach me.

Due to my extreme interest for learning to play this awesome instrument, I was able to learn playing the guitar very fast. Soon I was playing simple songs comfortably. My only problem was that I did not have a guitar of my own. Many times my brother would go away to school and take his guitar with him.

I decided to buy a guitar with my savings. I however did not know anything about buying guitars. I went into the internet and decided to do some searches and learn more about guitars before buying one. During my searches I was particularly fascinated by an Epiphone dr-100 review that I came across. The comments that this guitar had and the descriptions of it made me choose it.

Still on the internet I was able to learn of a great offer that was being given to anyone who would buy the Epiphone dr-100 guitar and buy an amplifier for the guitar. I was particularly tempted by a fender blues jr review that described the awesomeness of this guitar amplifier. Although I would have wanted to capitalize on the offer, I did not really need an amplifier as of yet and so I ignored it and just bought the guitar.

My new guitar soon became the center of my life. I would quickly do my school work so that I could have time to practice with my beautiful guitar. I was able to find many tutorials over the internet that helped me learn many new tricks on playing the guitar.

I plan to continue perfecting my skills as a guitarist. Coupled with my singing skills, my goal is to become another great female vocalist and guitarist.

Rising to the challenge and becoming a top female guitarist Credit Picture License: Molly Gene One Whoaman Band @ Blues Rules via photopin cc

The tough challenges musicians encounter when forming a band

The creation of a rock band is not easy. Despite what many people think when they see the glamorous life lived by rock stars, forming a successful band is not easy. It is a long tough journey that many begin and never get to the end. During the forming of a rock band there are many challenges that come about that may eventually force the band to disband or to fade away into insignificance. I have experience of this.

As a teenager I had great dreams of growing into a great musician. I was blessed with a good singing voice and I was quite good at playing the guitar. I could play great bass guitar and was also good at rhythm guitar. I was however without direction. I did not have a clear path set out for my future. I thought I had found the perfect path for my future when I joined some two other musicians and we formed a rock band.

Trio Sound was the name that we chose for our band. We had all met individually on different occasions before when we were presenting solo gigs on small shows within the township and had developed mutual respect for each other. Ian was a vocalist who was also good on the piano. Jack was also a talented vocalist but his main strength was in the drums. We came together deciding that Ian would be our lead vocalist while I would be on the guitars and Jack would be our drummer.

We were all quite talented in our areas and since we all had some skill in song writing, we thought that our road to success would be short and easy.

We decided to be meeting at least three times every week. We decided to be practicing at Ian’s home where they had a huge garage and their neighborhood was ideal. Here we would not be a nuisance to anyone.

We decided to buy new gear for the band. This is where our troubles begun.

I had an old Seagull guitar that I had used for ages. I had bought it after I had read Seagull guitar reviews that had praised its quality and fame. However we now needed a guitar that was fit for a rock band. The guitar had to have a “cool” look to it. We also realized that we needed some other musical appliances that we would need when we went on tour.

One of this was a base amplifier. For any musical band, it is important that the sound be amplified as much as possible to be able to reach a large audience. The sound should however not get distorted in the process. We therefore decided that we would do all we could to get the best base amp. We also needed good mikes and the other appliances for the PA system.

This first hurdle was enough to cripple our aspirations of making it big as a rock band. We were never able to raise the necessary funds to buy all the equipment. After several months of little progress, we eventually lost interest and ventured into other activities.

The tough challenges musicians encounter when forming a band Credit Picture License: Bad Credentials via photopin cc

Points to remember when shopping for musical appliances

Shopping is an activity that we all must engage in one time or the other. We often do the frequent shopping for items such as groceries and foodstuffs and this is a relatively easy undertaking since we know exactly what we want, we know where to get it, and to top it all, we have done it many times before and so are quite experienced.

Shopping can however become quite complicated when you are tasked with shopping for items that you are not quite familiar with, you do not know exactly where to find them, and you have never shopped for them before. These are items that are not mainstream items. A good example of such items is musical equipment. Unless you are a musician, you are a businessman who deals with music equipment, or you are a music equipment enthusiast, then you might have a very tough time buying musical equipment.

Below are some major things to remember when shopping for musical equipment

Is it the right instrument? This is a paramount point that you should ponder on before buying a musical instrument. If you want to buy a musical instrument for yourself, is it the instrument that you really want? You should never buy a guitar if what you really need is a piano. Your choice will usually depend on your skill or your passion.

If you are buying the instrument as a gift, consider the same points. Will the recipient know how to play the instrument or does he or she have a passion for the instrument?

Is it the right size? Musical instruments come in various shapes and sizes. Be sure of the size you would like i.e. a size that you would be comfortable handling or a size that your recipient will find comfortable for them. This is especially important when buying a musical instrument for a child.

Is the musical instrument in good working order? A musical instrument like any mechanical gadget should be thoroughly checked before purchasing. A faulty instrument will not produce the ideal sound or it may have some other issues. One should also check if it has any signs of developing future problems.

One should check and see that the instrument is a good quality item although this usually goes hand in hand with the cost of the instrument

Is the instrument within your budget? Musical instruments at the musical store have different prices. The variance in prices is usually as a result of many factors. The main factors are the manufacturing company, and the quality of the musical instrument. Top quality items usually have a higher prices than low quality items. Famous or prestigious manufacturing companies also tend to sell their items at higher prices than less prestigious companies.

Another important thing to do when shopping for musical instruments is to visit several musical stores to compare the prices of the item you want to buy among the stores you will visit. It is often that you will find musical stores selling the same item with the same warranty conditions but at different prices. In this case, you might want to buy your musical instrument at the store where you will get the best bargain.

Points to remember when shopping for musical appliances Credit Picture License: Scenes From The Recording Studio via photopin cc